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Jet set Jess flies out to California to check out NAMM

Monday 02nd February 2015

So last weekend I flew out to LA to attend the 2015 NAMM show (National Association of Music Merchants) in Anaheim California.

This was my second time attending the NAMM show but the first time heading out on my own so was a nice lil adventure/weekend away for myself haha!

I flew out from Heathrow to LAX with Air New Zealand.

Got to LA Thursday evening, picked up my rental and headed to Anaheim where I was staying. 

The NAMM show runs from Thursday-Sunday; last year I went every day which was cool but tiring.

So I'd planned my trip this year to only attend at the weekend which left Friday free for me to do what I wanted - which meant shopping!

I hit up Westfield Mall in Santa Ana which was just about 15 minutes drive from where I was staying, then was spent up pretty quickly so decided to go be a loner and go hang out at the Griffith Park observatory where you can see some sweet views of LA and the Hollywood sign and it's free parking which is always a good thing in LA.

After that I took a drive out to one of my favourite places Santa Monica and took a longggg walk then realised I had to walk all the way back... which left me with some epic blisters just in time for being on my feet all NAMM weekend hahaha!

Then it was Saturday and the day I headed to NAMM!!

The weather was awesome and I got to look around the majority of Hall D which is where a lot of the drum companies exhibit.

I didn't stay too long on Saturday as I was still in pain from my epic walk in Santa Monica (hahaha!) but I caught up with my good friend Mr Daniel East and bumped into again a drummer called Cora Dunham (who I was introduced to last year). She is my absolute hero and has previously played for superstars such as Beyonce and Prince.

On Sunday I headed back to NAMM but this time went round with my super talented friend Keith who had a day off from intense rehearsals for a worldwide tour he's about to head on.

I met Keith last year through our mutual friend Daniel and was awesome to reunite with him. Keith came along with the MD in his band, Troy who is actually hilarious and will be performing at the Grammys this week so check him out!

After a few hours at NAMM Keith and I then headed to the mall and then hug out at Signal Hill before heading back to his to hear some of the recordings from rehearsals.

And that was my trip!

I flew home on Monday and am back to reality/Uni work straight away hahahah!

I had a great time and was awesome to catch up with friends and check out the new gear at NAMM.

Check out my buddies Keith and Troy hitting the UK on tour with Ariana Grande this summer! Trust me from what I've listened to the show is going to be awesomeeeee!!!


Jess x

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